A Light Gone Out


Qader Mulla, a 65 year old man who has had false allegations of war crimes thrown against him was executed today only hours ago. Choosing to ignore the UN Human Rights Commission’s urges on this decision, Bangladesh continues to use innocent people in its political game in an attempt to sustain a dictatorship. Where there was only one prosecution witness – and even then a witness with contradicting accounts – it remains unclear as to what justice people may be celebrating today.

It is unfortunate to see tyrannical leaders wrangling over power at the expense of innocent people, normal civilians as well as the economy and entire infrastructure of the country. For someone who claims to fight for their country, this is absurd. To forcibly suppress a population (or at least a huge proportion of it) from being able to freely practice their beliefs and exercise harmony in their communities sounds nothing like a leader who truly wants their nation to succeed.

“And, O my people! give full measure and weight with equity, and defraud not the people of their things, and commit not mischief on the earth as corrupters.”

— Qur’an 11:85


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