Qur’an: The Banquet of Allah


“Indeed this Qur’an is the banquet of Allah so learn as much as you can from the banquet of Allah. Indeed this Qur’an is the strong rope of Allah and it is the clear guidance and it is a beautiful cure, a protection for those who cling to it and a salvation for those who follow it. Nothing is bent or corrupted except that the Qur’an rectifies it, nor deviated but that it reprimands it. Its marvels do not fade nor is the sweetness of it decreased by the frequency of those who recite it. So recite it, for indeed Allah will bestow upon you ten times the single reward for your recitation of each letter. I do not say that Alif, Laam, Meem is a letter but rather Alif is a letter, Laam is a letter and Meem is a letter”

— Al-Hakim

I love this Hadith. Like a guest is invited to a banquet of nourishing food, in the same way Allah (swt) invites us to His Qur’an so that we may reap all the good where we benefit no one but ourselves. The guest does not feel down, weary, lethargic on invitation to a banquet but rather he or she looks forward to it with energy and excitement in sight of the knowledge that the time spent there will be enjoyable. And this is exactly how our approach to The Qur’an must be, especially bearing in mind this is a banquet like no other on this planet. The extent of nourishment and happiness that we can extract from the Qur’an is immeasurable and something we should be running to with haste.

This Hadith goes onto describe the Qur’an as a rope of Allah (swt) and when we ponder on the connotations of this analogy, we realise this is an incredible statement. What is a rope? The very nature of a rope is that it connects one point to another. So the Qur’an itself becomes the connection between you and your Creator. The most important speed dial in your life. And guidance, cure, protection, salvation. The Qur’an brings forth a solution for every illness, problem or deficit that the human soul could encounter. And if the Qur’an use its qualities to rectify corruption, then imagine what it could do to our hearts. In fact, that is where change begins. As human individuals are units of society, the Qur’an rectifies entire civilisations by changing the hearts of men. Only by addressing the foundations can an entire infrastructure be changed and rebuilt stronger.

Like the training a runner continuously undergoes, practise and use does not diminish the power of their muscles but rather strengthens and builds. Likewise, the sweetness and wonders of the Qur’an never diminish with repetition but this only works towards deepening our understanding of divine speech opening new realms of knowledge. And at each step of progression through training or education, a person will learn something about themselves and their abilities. So it helps us to recognise ourselves, who we are, what our role and purpose entails; as Imam Al-Ghazali has mentioned before – that to know oneself is to know God.



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  1. Are you by any chance taking the same course as me. The one with sis Farhia Yahya
    P.s i love this post.

    1. Yes I’m taking Sister Farhia’s course! =)

      1. It such a wonderful course mashAllah! So much gems.

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