Wayfarer with hopes and dreams traversing tricky roads. There’s only one way to pass them.


I’m a student, a Muslim, with so much to learn; about the world, about myself. What I’ll try to create here is a little oasis of inspiration and knowledge with words I stumble upon or my own thoughts and reflections, which I pray will be of benefit to readers =) So many times I have benefited from others who have told me amazing stories and facts I never knew before, but not only that, their reminders have equally blown my mind. Sometimes we read things, hear things and think ‘wow’. Then life can slowly fade them away. And to have someone remind you is like finding a lost possession from your childhood that you loved and cherished so much – that feeling of overwhelming joy and relief. And of course so many times, those reminders come when we need it the most so I am most grateful for that.


And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers.

— Qur’an, Chapter 51, Verse 55



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